Glasgow Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions by Bike

An unmissable day out in Glasgow!

A Glasgow bike tour is a wonderful way to explore the city, to see its tourist attractions, and to uncover some of its hidden gems. This tour is for everybody – not just super-fit people! And trust us: you see a city differently on two wheels, rolling along its cycle lanes, listening to our passionate Glasgow tour guides. Check out our range of Glasgow bike tours to get an idea of the routes and tourist attractions you can look forward to, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


A Glasgow tour for everyone!

The perfect day out in Glasgow for anyone… not just die-hard cyclists

Glasgow Bike Tours has put a lot of work into creating and curating a tour that works for locals and visitors alike – and one that certainly isn’t only geared towards incredibly fit cycling aficionados. We avoid most of Glasgow’s hills and our tours are designed to be great days out in Glasgow, as entertaining and enriching as any walking tour or bus tour. However, we are more than happy to arrange an electric bike for you, so please ask if you think you may need one.

Your safety is our priority

Cycling is like breathing to all of us here at Glasgow Bike Tours, but we know not everyone feels as safe and comfortable on the roads as we do. Not only do we provide helmets for guests, but we follow the safest roads, cycle pathways, and exclusive bike lanes when possible. Cycling through Glasgow is perfectly safe when you’re with professionals.

A fantastic alternative to bus and walking tours of Glasgow

Our tours are geared towards tourism, history, and culture; they are a fun way for visitors and locals to explore more of Glasgow in 3+ hours than could be possible on a walking tour, and for guests to get closer and touch many of Glasgow’s tourist attractions in a way that bus tours simply cannot offer. Explore Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis, the People’s Palace, Glasgow University, and so much more. We think cycling is the best way to explore Glasgow as a tourist (or a local keen to learn about the city) and our overwhelmingly positive TripAdvisor reviews speak for themselves. If you’d like to learn a little more about us, you may like to read our story.

A wee note about Glasgow’s weather

Glasgow is lovely in any weather, whether it’s gloriously sunny or ingloriously dreich (a Scottish word for drizzly, cold, and cloudy). We’re not made of sugar, although we are sweet and our guides are happy to go out in all weathers, so don’t panic or assume the tour is off if it rains. Just remember to bring a waterproof!